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Cool downloads
Do you like Vampirako drawings? So download free and official wallpapers, ringtones and videos of Vampirako for your mobile, iPhone and computer.
Afterlife Humor
Our vampire is an artist, don't you think so? Look at the funny pictures that he draws in his spare time. They are amazing, aren't they?
Vampirako (versión clásica)
Do you want to know the first game where Vampirako appeared? At that time our vampire was paunchy and bearded (OMG), but it did many gamers to have a good time...
Now available the first chapter of Vampirako's cartoon series. In this chapter, the prince of vampires receives an unexpected present, which provokes the chaos around his transylvan castle right away...
Book: Los vampiros no tienen amigos
Now, you can have a look at the illustrated book of Vampirako: "Los vampiros no tienen amigos". Vampirako will live exciting adventures while he travels around the world searching new friends.
Vampirako's friends